Flipmode – Tilman Hornig


Tilman Hornig’s works emerge from a reaction to current events. His way of working is both intuitive and conceptually cross-media.

For his solo exhibition “Flipmode” in the gallery Gebr. Lehmann the artist has developed a new series of works with white wall paint and the European flag. The flag with its centered circle of stars, stretched in square format on frame, is extensively painted and presented as a rhomb. Each of the works remains untitled and is similar in form and aesthetics.

In 1955, the flag was introduced by the Council of Europe as a clearly defined symbol. It stands for unity, solidarity and harmony. The EU is at the same time an abstract and real structure that remains constantly ambivalent in terms of physics and idea. The painting of the flag is not an annihilation, but refers to the abstractness of reality.

The pointed symmetric rhomb is geometrically an unstable state.

Flipmode is an ambiguously definable term. It does not describe any concrete upside or downside, but is best understood as steady state change.

Gallery Gebr. Lehmann
Neustädter Markt 11/12
D-01097 Dresden