Gaia Vincensini – Evasion


Pictures by Julien Gremaud

For her solo exhibition, the genevan artist appropriates a variety of corporate signs that saturate the swiss visual landscape. Drawings, etchings, clothes, videos, terracotta integrate successive monsration apparatuses that play with advertising displays, videoclip, the commercial prospectus. By this mimetic operation, the work enters the enigmatic heart of these symbols that aim at wining our trust.

For each desire to be near, a desire for evasion. The message is not important. But rather, something gets acted out in the form, like a communication strategy.

If a bank pretends also to be an artspace, what’s reciprocal ? From the keys of the small UBS bank to the M of Migros, a split designs the cycles of daily life ; from the will to success, to abandon. A logic works on our emotional capital, this to the point where it comes to structure it. WIth a detour through affect, the psychogeographical map drawn by the artist allows the exhibiton of false pretences.

The most simple life is torn appart.

The exhibition includes a collaboration with the rapper and producer Idris Makazu who notably contributed the soundtrack.

Rue de la Coulouvrenière 11
2e étage
1204 Genève