Gaia Vincensini – Trust


Gaia Vincensini presents drawings that reflect her close and on-going examination of Geneva, especially the city’s reflection of its inhabitants’ collective identity through its architectural appearance. She draws comparisons between the branding of the numerous big banks with those of commercial galleries and major cultural institutions. This hints to her emancipatory confrontation about the artist’s role in today’s society, and reoccurs in her choices of techniques. It is also a tool to rebuild ties to the artist’s role in history through gestures. For “Trust”, she also collaborates with Eliott Villars, with whom she’s made prints with original etchings, embroideries or flockings presented on shirts.

Gaia Vincensini lives and works in Geneva, where she obtained her Masters in Fine Arts in 2016. She is a part of the collective LGG$B, whose practice as well as her individual work form an alternative to such a corporate identity.

Reinacherstrasse 105
CH-4053 Basel