Genevieve Goffman, Redwall, But For Your Dead Pets Only, Catbox Contemporary

The full synthesis of art and science, toward
which all workers labor, is to be found in the resurrection of the
dead. The aim of all labor is to overcome time.

— Alexander, The Visionary

In a time beyond time, in a time with no future, in a time when the perpetual utopic present cradles the past in its arms, your childhood pet lives on the moon.

During the Space Race the United States and USSR hurled many helpless animals into space. But four who were thought to be dead survived and thrived on the moon.

Alone on the moon they developed a science far beyond our comprehension.

When they returned to earth they risked everything to defeat death and halt the grinding violence engine of human progress and resurrect every pet and bring them home to the moon.

Welcome to Redwall, But For Your Dead Pets Only.

It’s the perfect timeless moon commune.

Genevieve Goffman