Halfway House @ Exile Gallery curated by Julius Pristauz

Works by Amanda Ross-Ho, Core Pan, Diana Barbosa Gil, Fette Sans, Johannes Büttner & Raphaela Vogel, Kamilla Bischof, Malte Zander, Martin Kohout, Nschotschi Haslinger, Patrick Fabian Panetta, Rafal Zajko, Tatiana Defraine, Tenant of Culture, Tilman Hornig & Paul Barsch, Vlad Nancă, Wieland Schönfelder

plain tables shabby furniture and dizzy swans sipping red winez
let’s have a crash course for car crashs and train wrecks gold tooth pick a boo I have so much respect for social workers but capitalism bores me
I don’t even realize advertisements around me anymore and my boyfriend bought pistachio rice pudding What a disgrace. Unfollowed. I love refrigerated food
I swear it’s just like a pill
can make you feel better can make you feel ill
My kitchen usually smells of burnt onions and weed
but today one of my room mates cooked fish and the smell makes me sick I want a pair of designer shoes I also wanted to stop smoking
Maybe I’m going to snitch My face is the front of shop
My face is the real shopfront
reminds me of the last time someone called me a copycat
honestly I don’t give a fuck

RIP Karl