Harvested Darkness @  Košice, Slovakia


Harvested Darkness
14.10 – 10.11.2018
Old Synagogue in Košice, Slovakia
in cooperation w/ Eastern Slovakian Gallery

Lucia Kvočáková
Lucie Mičíková
Nik Timková
Zuzana Žabková

Curator: Viktor Čech

The visual arts project of the authors Lucie Mičíková, Nik Timková, Zuzana Zabková and the art historian Lucia Kvočáková called Harvested Darkness created within their “Björnson“ collective renders, above all, a definition of a place. A place in multiple layers and meanings of the word. Their intervention into the premises of the Košice Synagogue embraces not just their creative dialogue but also a place of interconnection where their collective imagination builds further layers. The depth the artists articulate is not physical; it leads to places where the presence could be projected only by shared collective experience. The installation formed by their own architectonic solution, visual elements and projections entices the visitors to immerse into comfortable darkness located elsewhere than the Cartesian bodily presence. It is a place of shared imagination where the heat of togetherness forms a new ecosystem, fruitful humus where the humanistic construct of the subject is melted into a fertile synthesis with the surrounding darkness.