HC – “Die lange Weile”


“We’ve described all these events, as if they’d already happened. We might just as well have described them as if they still lay in the future. To us, there’s very little difference.” In their exhibition „Die lange Weile“ HC assemble found objects, artifacts, ephemera, everyday objects, photographies and posters to create a number of different settings. Individual narrations begin and get interrupted. The gallery space becomes a space of thought where objects are cast into contexts of meaning and break out of these. When looking over at the gallery from the other side of the street one realizes that the front window is stickered with small houses, figurines and trees. The center of the show marks a worm reading in Michael Ende’s book „Momo“. While the vertical turns horizontal kids become grown-ups and the point of time seems to be shifted either before or after the age of man. Space and time are no longer reliable references. It rather seems that the objects gathered here are, were or will be the essential items for survival in a post-anthropocene landscape that is no longer comprehensible in logical ways.

The objects tell their stories, they speak of dissolution and devastation, but also of chances for a new beginning, sprouting and the potential for novel kinds of language.

Recent solo presentations include Alle Pizze fast rund, Bob’s Pogo Bar, KW, Kunstwerke, Berlin (2017), Incident by HC, Kunstsaele, Berlin (2016). Recent group exhibitions include To lie in the cheese, to smile in the butter, Kunstsaele, Berlin (2016), Grand Café, apes&castles, Brussels (2016).

Lucas Hirsch
Birkenstraße 92
40233 Düsseldorf