TONUS Heike-Karin Foell “ma line” curated by Maurin Dietrich & Cathrin Mayer


On the occasion of the exhibition ma line, the Berlin-based artist Heike-Karin Foell produced a new series of works that rely on the paradox of the flat surface as carrier of the most vivid illusion of a three dimensional space. Their surfaces are inhabited by photos, floating scripts like signs, traces of what looks like scratches defining at once a negative and a positive space, inverting our expectations of a deflated space. The domain of the virtual, a newly abstracted form of illusion, one that is defined by its incorporeal, weightless matters only existing as optical mirage creating the supreme phenomenological fiction of a pure desiring subject, living as its own subject in a setup defined by codes, styles and gestures.

The four motives of the posters are covering the walls of the exhibition space at TONUS, multiplying onto the storefront, the metro station seven minutes away, the Rue Beranger. autobiographical images by the artist crop up and disappear throughout the vast space of color contrast. They are identifiable as a collective: green, transparent signs that hover, bend and curve in all possible directions. Their emergence reveals the underlying structure in all four works: they hide and expose the multiple layers that constitute their space of existence at the same time. They resemble embodiments of spoken words and collapsed logos. While appropriating styles of scripting such as hebrew, arabic or cyrillic, they also could be interpreted as ciphers of universal typefaces, compressing all the ever-existing archetypes of writing.

ma line departs from the idea to depict an abstract symbolical assemblage of script like signs that could tell a cultural story of a city manifested on the surfaces of its public space. Countless psychogeographies constitute a city and establish its image. Installing unauthorised images within the public realm, affichages sauvages, they claim not only the public space but disrupt the image constructed of it.



Heike-Karin Foell
How to extend in the world, # 1-4, 2017
59.4 x 84.1cm
Graphic design by Dan Solbach
thank you to David Lüthi

ma line contains a special music selection of japanese avantgarde techno/city pop and italian piano house by Julian Göthe.

With the support of Romain Leclère.

Heike-Karin Foell
ma line
Curated by Maurin Dietrich & Cathrin Mayer
4, rue de la Procession
F–75015 Paris