Hopping the Twig @ Calaboose (Montréal, Canada)


Nabil Azab, Simone Blain, Cindy Hill, Edwin Isford, Jenna-Katheryn Heinemann, Marlon Kroll, Vincent Larouche, Garrett Lockhart, Baltimore Loth, Catherine Prince, Lucas Regazzi, Fatine-Violette Sabiri

Flames to dust; lovers to friends.

Why do all good things come to an end?

The notice came on February twentieth: we had until April first to vacate the garage, which would soon be converted into an industrial refrigerator for a new restaurant.

(a finch snatched up by a falcon)

Calaboose is survived by its directors, and a small community of artists and patrons alike. With heavy hearts, we present the untimely final exhibition at the Ste. Émilie location.

(an ill-fated swan song)

Proudly, we offer an anthology of works by artists we have made connections with over these short five months. Displaying works by Montreal-dwelling artists, Hopping the Twig realizes our principle vision of Calaboose as a venue for contemporary Canadian art.

(the magpie’s nest; furnished with its most cherished findings)

And so, we invite you to please join us in saying goodbye to our first location. As we liquidate its initial curatorial framework, we welcome the upcoming period of adjustment. Like the Tree Swallow or the Canada Goose, Calaboose is a migratory organism; albeit, one whose path remains to be seen. In the coming months, Calaboose will be rehomed when we find another suitable spot to land.

3625 Ste. Émilie, we hardly knew ye.

Text: Danica Pinteric

Documentation: Edwin Isford

3625 Ste. Émilie in Montréal, Québec.