hospitality at hospitality

by Carla Donauer

hospitality is a project by Carla Donauer

in the livingroom: Daniela Kneip Velescu, Helena Schlichting
in the kitchen / in the bathroom : Jan Hoeft
in the bedroom: Marcel Hiller
in the hallway: Aleksandra Bielas
in the kitchen drinks by: Ania Czerlitzki



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Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-01 um 07.30.59





Videostill(1:5)_Stapel-Nr.2(inflatable) Kopie

Videostill(3:5)_Stapel_Nr.2(inflatable) Kopie

Videostill(5:5)_Stapel-Nr.2(inflatable) Kopie



in the livingroom

Daniela Kneip Velescu
Ich bin ja kein Cineast, 2015
Carla`s bookshelf, Yoga mat, LDPE-foil, Gaffa tape, Acrylic paint
Dimensions variable

Stapel # 2 & # 7 & # 11 (inflatable), 2015
each 5.30 min.

Helena Schlichting
Gespenster (Vorhang #4 & #5), 2013/15
Curtains, metalic silver
205 x 190 cm

in the kitchen / in the bathroom

Jan Hoeft
Nordic Company, 2015
Stainless steel tube, shower hose, satin banner
80 cm

in the bedroom

Marcel Hiller
Gasoline, 2015
Steel, glass bottle, gasoline
Dimensions variable

Junction, 2015
plastic, glass bottle, gasoline
Dimensions variable


Installationview, Hospitality, Cologne
Courtesy the artist and Hospitality, Cologne

Daniela Kneip Velescu
Videostills “Stapel Nr.2 (inflatable)”, 2015
color, sound, 5:20min