Immanuel Birkert, Max Popov – Crown of Cups

In the elementary heat of a freshly pressed cup there is an erratic rhythm of mechanical rain.
Tone, semitone, tone, tone, semitone, tone, tone… it is the first, last, minor, major, or combined notes of a musical scale, dipped in tonic, broadcasting outwards to an unknown receiver. It completes a score, spontaneously generating. There is another cup, identical to the first, but omitting a slightly different rhythm at the other end of the platform. They operate independently as long as the batteries still have ‘juice’. A line forms between the two containers, similar to the unseen architecture of radio waves or electrical currents that traverse the landscape in specific material carriers – the counter architecture – through arranged lines of flight.
The cups are only a component of a larger investigation that is less concerned with events or facts and more about presenting a situation where deductions can be drawn and occasionally a helpful lesson learned. While offering an homage to past events – both scientific and artistic – we hope to tell a story or two of our own: a wide debris field of contained moments, hot and cold, a transgression of inner and outer forms. A humid thing like fire towards fuel. The materials used – resins, ash, rubbers or metals – are found, processed, forged, or left in their original state: raw or cooked, and metabolized into the open landscape.