inside out – Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

(front) Laura Ziegler (back) Lolita
Laura Ziegler
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez
Héléne Padoux
Frieda Toranzo Jaeger
Leon Keller
(front) Alexandra Hojenski, Michael Sullivan (back left) Leon Keller (back right) Jáno Möckel
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Niclas Riepshoff
Jan Breuer
Torben Wessel
left Clara Palmberger-Süse – right Lolita
Eigil Forberg
Gesa Troch
Magnus Hvidtfeldt
Ludwig Kuffer
Ludwig Kuffer
Ludwig Kuffer
Line Lyhne
Leyla Yenirce
Marvin Moises Almaraz Dosal
Shira Lewis
Svenja Björg Wassill
Niclas Riepshoff
Niclas Riepshoff
Linda Lebeck
Julia Koch
Liza Beutler
Timo Althoff
Akinori Tao
Janosch Boerckel
Katharina Stern
Isamu Marsden
Lukas Fries
Malina Rassfeld
Sina Manthey
Sina Manthey
Sina Manthey, Frieder Haller
Thomas Warham

On the 7th of February the HfBK once again opened their doors and invited us all inside to see what is cooking in the Hansestadt Hamburg art school anno 2019 – and there are some great things going on in Hamburg. Tanja Nis-Hansen, who graduated there and studied at Jutta Koethers class, visited the HfBK graduation show for us and captured some intriguing moments for the KubaParis Rundgang-Series inside-out.