Joseph Geagan: Cha-Cha Kaputt at Pina, Vienna



Pictures by Raphael Reichl

« They are not ghosts, » said ____, « they are corpses. They are not bodiless figures, they are made of flesh and blood. They eat, drink, love, laugh as if they were alive. But they are dead bodies. They do not walk at night as ghosts do, but in the middle of the day, in full sunshine. ____ is so alive because of those corpses that can be met in the streets, that sit in cafés, that kneel down to pray in dark churches, that move slowly and silently with their black eyes shining in their green faces, through the merry bustle of the towns and villages on feast and market days, among the living people who laugh, love, drink and sing. »

Curzio Malaparte, KAPUTT Isola di Capri 1943