Justyna Wierzchowiecka at Komplot, Brussels


On the occasion of her solo exhibition, Justyna Wierzchowiecka converted partially her apartment into an atelier to make her own interpretation of bas-relief by Jef Lambeaux featuring a scene of ‘Human Passions’ produced between 1886 and 1898, now on display in a classicist tempietto pavilion by Victor Horta.

For a couple of weeks, the private space is being used as a studio to cast and shape new works. And by contrast, a collection possessed by one of the biggest public museums in Brussels, belonging to the Royal Museums of Art and History — Musee du Cinquantenaire, serves as a point of departure for creating them. A sculpture in Carrara marble is placed in a pavilion on the other side of the park. Launched in 1898, today belongs to the museum-park complex just at the stone’s throw from EU epicentre. Due to the flame of indignation from the Belgian authorities and church naming the scene ‘seditious’, the pavilion was respectively opened and closed again, a number of times, remaining publically inaccessible throughout 99 years. Re-opened in 2014 it has become a new landmark of Brussels providing a chance to view one of the most curious works by a Flemish sculptor Jef Lambeaux who created a vast amount of realizations, both large scale and much smaller or even miniature custom-made objects.

Curated by Romuald Demidenko

Realised within a series by guest curators at Komplot as part of The School Of Curating.

With the generous support of: FBW – Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles/Officiel COCOF – Commission communautaire française de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale VGC – Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie / Philippe Leclercq, Jef Lambeaux Museum


Justyna Wierzchowiecka, from the series ‘More Than Once (Museum Studies)’, 2017, installation view © courtesy of the artist and Komplot, Brussels

Komplot, Brussels
Justyna Wierzchowiecka
‘More Than Once’