Kunsttour Hamburg

by Elisa Barrera

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-18 um 10.04.18
Engineering Happiness (detail), 2015, Bernhard Martin, Kunstverein Hamburg


I hope you are well.
Here the sky has been milk-white for some days. Fog comes down to people and through the fibers of clothes.

We cross each others in corridors, on buses, in the central station, we smile at each other.

The nice thing about studying here is the competition that shines through strangers. That is coming out in alliances and brotherhood or deep understanding.

I decided to write you when I was asked to write an article about this city. Because you were never here visiting, though i love you a lot.

Certain things we don’t say to each other. Either we think we already know cause in the end we are like one person. Either we prefer to live our own adventures on the peninsula, lying on a sunny beach, eating tramez- zini, talking with strangers while sharing white wine at a Cafè, looking at the sun going down on a square, going to a special night at a squat. Getting lost creating new stories.

So I will tell you things about here, from here. The things that get lost on my way to Turin. Maybe they stay in the airplane.
Since you don’t come to me i’ll write about them to you.

There are geometrical desolate urban landscapes, expanses of nothing, kilometers of space, impassable dis- tances, large highways, dense nature, weird public sculptures and thick blooming.

I would like to tell you how rainy it is here.
And how wetness seizes houses, walls, clothes, rooms and the brain.
With a seducing power which lubricates every thought or idea.
This humid and personal entity permits you to go deep in your mind and come back to the surface tightening something in your hand.

There’s a beach were one goes. One can arrive there with a ferry line. It is in the middle of the city. You navi- gate the Elbe river, crossing docks, big ships and bridges. Along the route there is weirdly shaped architecture from every period…
When there is rough water and fog it is really beautiful.
Inside the ferry it’s hot and humid, windows are really big and it is full of chairs and tables. Sometimes people are playing cards, whispering in the afternoons.

The sand is moist, rocks are slippery, some are enormous and would be perfect to dive from… they arrive to a point in which their edges mix with a thick foggy park. Wet dogs run, dinosaurs lie on their side, cargo ships pass.
Sneakers sink. The wind cuts the skin of the fingers.

One night in late spring we get lost in that park. It was late at night, we were a group of friends and a dog. We were coming from an opening at the Kunstverein. They always go on until late, with drinks, food and music. We got off the train and we took a crate of beers and some vodka lemon cans from the gas station. We thought crossing the woods would have been quicker to get to Golden Pudel. We wanted to dance.
It started to rain, we found ourselves suddenly surrounded by complete darkness, in a muddle of streets. We spent two hours drinking beers and continuously, infinitely getting lost. Cherry tree flowers were drop- ping water.

Some nights we hang around like crazy… we take trains, walk for kilometers, close ourselves in in the trunks of cars, jump from a city bike to a boat… to go from one place to the other.
We start from openings… the ones we like the most are spread through the city… at Harburg Kunstverein, Hamburg Kunstverein, Sammlung Falckenberg and the Halle für Kunst of Lüneburg.

We start really educated and then we pass from one party to the other, stealing bottles, fighting in bathrooms, kissing strangers.
We like trance, we like techno, we like low beats.
Sometimes to cross each other we follow a spiderweb trajectory through the city to meet at 2am in the place we like the most.

We always come home with new glasses. The next day is zen, yoga. Legs covered with bruises. The following days are lazy and solitary, of relaxation, meditation, and concentration on our own work.

We cross each other in corridors, on buses, at the central station, we smile at each other.

A few of us opened off-spaces while studying and doing our own artistic practice.
Stefan opened Exclusive Garagen in Stelling, Pablo and I, Come Over Chèz Malik’s near the Hauptbahnhof and Marko has been curating exhibitions since two years at Golden Pudel.

A garage, a vodka-bar and a club are hosting some young local and international artists based mainly in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Berlin… giving birth to an analogue network which displays contempo- rary positions.

It’s a night city, light and reflections are everywhere, from everywhere, to everywhere, inside everything.

These are the things I wanted to tell you… Come to visit now, Stay true


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