Lauren Quin and Suzanna Zak @ Holiday Forever


Does the Forest
Feel Familiar
Actors for another
Seams or gaps or a safe distance

Numbers act elastic
Numbering is all about recognition
When no static thresholds are available,
Consult a vibratory meaning
Count the pores that grow wider in Georgia heat
Some glistening clarity covering a touch too thick

You get covered
In humidity whether you like it or not
I guess the wind doesn’t always bring
A storm or even rain
Would I know on my own that my body is water
Upstate apples rippen faster than you think when you’re living
In the city


Beginning with the exchange of photographic material, Zak and Quin have produced bodies of work under the influence of one another. The resultant exhibition of painting, photography and sculpture stems from an artistic dialogue rooted in this friendship. A sum of this interaction yields considerations of types of looking, of pushing vision beyond imagery, of looking more broadly – more lightly – through the periphery. Fragile, fractured or decaying images depicting nature weave between these artists work. And while singular works are deeply anchored in each artist’s individual practice, this extended conversation on nature and looking, on painting and photography, on environment, underpins an expanded breadth in each.

Suzanna Zak, Lauren Quin, Andy Kincaid