Lenka Glisníková and Tania Nikulina – Variations on Relations

Welcome home! Finally. Enjoy the hypocrisy of pretended homelessness, the magic formula of the relationship of things and beings. Relax in a place conceived as a hideaway from the rest of the world, but do not forget that you have become part of the exhibition. Lenka Glisníková and Tania Nikulina have created this space with innumerable details that await discovery and exploration. Their works cross genre and media borders – they have built objects made from photography, a still-life with viewers and events, they have sewn statues intended to be worn as clothes, and clothes that are more like a statue. They exhibit details, small things, which are transferred to other objects through reproductions and dissemination. They test the borders between art and product branding. They aim to misuse decorativeness to undermine the foundations of great art. By means of direct physical contact, they disrupt the autonomy of artworks. They balance on the soft edge of fashionability and artiness.
The hybrid environment full of handmade objects that appear to pretend they arrived from a future IKEA or to be space photographs of an interstellar Airbnb will serve as the backdrop for small happenings and interventions. These will take place during the exhibition and visitors are warmly welcome to participate.

Tania Nikulina shapes present matter. She is now finishing her studies in the sculpture studio at UMPRUM. She has always tended towards soft sown garments, textiles and translucent plastics. She often makes videos of them, fluttering in the wind or crawling through the spring grass like shed furs. She often lets her objects come to life on human bodies as an unusual fashion.

Lenka Glisníková shapes virtual matter and photographed realities. She is finishing her studies in the photography studio at UMPRUM. During postproduction, her photographs are fragmented and the remains, pieces and details are rearranged into new compositions that look for surfaces that they can inhabit as prints. She is interested in the collision of small body parts and something immeasurable, such as a fingertip and the internet.

Together, they create different variations of material relationships, virtually wandering pictures and designs. They compose situations, events and encounters between art and audiences. They aim to capture this relationality of objects and people for a while, be it in the present moment or by means of video and go on to release it to exist independently.

Tereza Rudolf