Everybody knows the LIMBUS dance: Only those who bend the most can get to the other side. LIMBUS is the edge, the gap.
It’s a foyer, a waiting room, a Beckett- loop. LIMBUS trabants Art Basel and explores institutional gaps, for example a timeslot in a abandonned studio space during an art fair.

The Artists shown have something in common: They are founders and operators of art spaces and exhibition formats.
In LIMBUS the artists, presented by their individually created institutional structures, create both a limbical discourse and a limbical feeling trough their artistic contribution.




Photo credits except for Esther Eppstein by Martin Chramosta. All Works are courtesy of the artists.
Raum 103 Basel
June 14 – 18


Yanik Soland
Daniel Kurth
Daniela Baldelli & Markus Lichti / RINOMINA (Paris)
Karin Borer / Schwarzwaldallee (Basel)
Katharina Höglinger / Weneverlearn (Wien)
Livio Baumgartner / DIE DIELE (Zürich)
Peter Fritzenwallner / White Dwarf Projects (Wien)
Andreas Marti / Dienstgebäude (Zürich)
Myles Starr / Paulina Semkowicz / SORT Wien
Esther Eppstein / message salon Zürich
Martin Chramosta / Limbus Basel