Berlin based sculptor Lisa Tiemann welcomes us to become part of an abstract space situation in which light, color, form and materiality jointly create a sensory-psychological experiment. The exhibition space is hidden in the urban bustle of Potsdamerstraße where worlds collide in typical Berlin casualness. Enter the driveway tucked in between an Asian restaurant and a bakery and cross through the backyard following the neon light conveniently beckoning above the gallery door. Be prepared to be blinded by the harsh light as you step into a three-dimensional image. For the first few seconds before your eyes adjust, the white walls blend with the white ceiling as space dissolves into light. The next sensation will be of sand crunching beneath your feet reminiscent of landscapes characterized by great vastness and broad horizons. While beaches are governed by water and deserts by wind that constantly erase human traces, here the absence of both will create layer after layer of footsteps on the sand covered floor as you make your way through the exhibition. The artist has arranged objects made of different materials such as steel, rubber, papier-mâché and ceramic as lines and demarcation points in an otherwise virgin landscape. While each sculpture stands for itself, in combination they evoke the association of a handrail mapping an ambiguous path full of gaps and distractions through unknown territories yet to be discovered. Guidance is an experience pregnant with subtle vibrations of underlying concepts and ideas. The artist navigates the connection between contemporary cultural phenomena. Freedom of choice, endless possibilities, the sense of feeling lost and the desire for self-fulfillment are some of the topics she touches upon. Ultimately, however, the interpretation is left up to you, the observer. You choose the guiding principles in an increasingly dynamic and complex reality.

Text: Erika Riesenkampff



Photos: Trevor Good

June 24th – July 22nd, 2017
Potsdamer Straße 118
10785 Berlin, (in the backyard)