Lucia Leuci

Mamme cattive, bambini creoli (Bad mothers, Creole kids)

“In his eye I saw the glare of a small figure, backlit, brought to a rusty railing with the peeling paint. A tiny hand, intent to shake with atavic phlegm a shabby cloth, didn’t realize that the dust dealt feverish in the air”

Tile project space is pleased to present “Bad mothers, creole kids”, Lucia Leuci’s solo exhibition. The project is composed by a series of sculptorial scene, arranged in the space which in turn has been modified by several actions.
Used as a big and unique scenography, TILE becomes a surreal landscape where stories between parents and children are analyzed by the artist’s personal view. Not just a simple description of a relation, but a singular reinterpretation which aims to show, through a series of tales, its conscious and unconscious stratifications. Lucia Leuci reflects on the construction of a identity during the childhood and on the parental model, nowadays changed in a relationship on the decline. Through the figures of creole and ‘bad master’, the exhibition highlights the crumbling away of old cultural and social model boundaries. These, today have changed their shape in hybrid zones, where the new generations are building their identity. Even the mother has become an allegory, embodying the ‘bad master’, personifying a system which founded practices and values, before constantly passed down but now re-elaborated in this change. ‘So, what is today the creoleness?’ Could we consider it a new generic way to stay on the world? An a priori condition where cultural identities can find new communicative ways and where they may build a new own identity?
‘Bad mothers and creole kids’ is a mise-en-scene of social behaviors through the construction of a incubator, a symbolic place where different experiences can live together without dominating each other. The creole child’s bewilderment becomes a dreamlike einvoirnment where, new ways of thinking of a relationship, will take shape to tell us the childhood of our society.


























All images: Lucia Leuci, Mamme cattive, bambini creoli, 2016, © Alessandro Zambianchi, Courtesy TILE Project Space, Milan


Lucia Leuci (b. 1977; Bari, IT) lives and works in Milan.
Recent solo exhibitions: “Mamme cattive, bambini creoli”, TILE Project Space, Milan; “Alley”, presented by Contemporary Art Advisory, Giorgio Galotti project room, Turin; “Rose’s Portrait”, The Art Markets, Milan; “My Heart’s With You”, curated by Alex Ross, 63rd-77th Steps, Bari and “Tukatuka” with Michele Gabriele, CRAC, Cremona.
Recent group exhibitions: “A night out of town”, Clima Gallery, Milan; “Kelly Bar” curated by PANE project, Milan; The choral project “Susy Culinsky & Friends” by Beatrice Marchi, Fanta Spazio, Milan; “Chapter #2 / Soprannaturale”, Tintoria, Milan; “AFA2”, curated by 63rd-77th Steps, Pane&Pomodoro, Bari; “ALWAYS BRIAN (ti amo)”, curated by 63rd-77th STEPS, FAL, Bari and “Speedboat”, curated by Alex Ross, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, New York.
In 2016 she founded PANE, a project for contemporary art. “KELLY BAR” was the first group show organized in a bar on the outskirts of Milan.


TILE Project Space, Milan
Lucia Leuci
Mamme cattive, bambini creoli (Bad mothers, Creole kids)
April 5 to 29, 2016