#magazinelove #02 – THIS IS BADLAND Magazine


THIS IS BADLAND is a new biannual magazine based out of Berlin that takes its Balkan roots as a starting point to mine cross-cultural connections and initiate new dialogues. Driven by a desire to veer away from any homogenous understanding of reality the magazine celebrates the complexity of our fragmentized sense of culture, giving voice to a new and inspiring generation of creative talents.

They have experienced both the collapse of old borders and the rise of new ones, in a time characterized by the proliferation of the World Wide Web. Influenced and inspired by these world-changing events, they have formed new identities that reach beyond Balkan’s geopolitical boarders. The magazine’s ambition is to explore these new identities and to provide a space where conflicting ideas, unexpected affinities and hybrid concepts can be accommodated.

The name THIS IS BADLAND comes with a dose of humor, irony and certain provocation that echoes the magazine’s ethos; deconstructing, renegotiating and reinventing social, cultural and geographical phenomena connected and inspired by the Balkans as a way of opening up new paths of contemporary perspectives.

Imbued by intellectually curious yet playful spirit THIS IS BADLAND combines critical essays and not-so-serious fashion, high-art and esoteric cultural myths and rituals, scholarly historical texts and daily observations, and much more, all revealed through core sections and a special focus for each issue.

Published in English language and distributed internationally.

Hana Jušić
Bruna Kazinoti
Flaka Haliti
Miloš Trakilović
Andra Dumitrascu
Nora Turato
Tobias Putrih
Ana Kraš

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Cover: Amra Novak by Eva Baales

Artwork by Conny Maier

Nocturnal Adria by Ari King
Artwork by Emir Šehanović
Artwork by Emir Šehanović

Nocturnal Adria by Ari King
Hana Jušić by Sara Pukanić
Nocturnal Adria starring Mia Petričević by Ari King
By Andrea Tešanović
Nocturnal Adria by Ari King
Veronika Baron by Eva Baales

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