Matti Gajek x Paul Barsch x Tilman Hornig.


In a surrounding white void, we encounter four sanitary ceramic sculptures that seem to have been infested by several snakes. The interactive 360° format allows to direct the gaze into all directions by manipulating the perspective of the basic circular motion. In this space Gajek´s music can be experienced as an immersive power unfolding from the inside out. Progressing into all directions the track Futur Zwei infuses the strange scene with eerie hypnotic urgency. “I like the idea of making something disturbing and unknown from something very domestic.” Matti Gajek says about his work with artist Paul Barsch who created the sculptures together with Tilman Hornig. “In the videos we wanted to explore this by building on the weirdness of the ceramics.” Having them reshaped by snakes evokes strong biblical symbolics of decay and corruption with a joyful subversive playfulness. “I think it´s obvious the snakes really enjoy the ceramics.”, says Gajek. “Who said flute-sinks are for humans only?” Gajek’17, a follow up to Matti Gajek´s 2014 release Restless Shapes, pays tribute to electronic pioneers like Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Florian Fricke from a perspective firmly rooted in the digital now. Staying clear of historical mystification Gajek´s music revisits the abstract clarity and improvisational audacity of 1970s electronics by mutating it into something different and futuristic.
In Futur Zwei motoric rhythms emerge and elapse from aural scapes, linking the thermodynamic to the ephemeral. Shot in a 360° format the video creates a space for this music by placing it in an atmospheric audiovisual environment. Instead of following a fixed linear narration that is dismembered by fast cuts the video invites us to experience the music while exploring an ambient sphere.