Maximilian Schmoetzer (DE)

The digital troposphere interrupts unrequested: ”Which extinct animal are you?” You spend a few minutes finding out what it is and share the news, alongside your calculated personal carbon footprint figures on the social media platform of your choice. But this doesn’t attenuate the inevitable gravitational pull of boredom. You start descending and the igneous plasma layer thickens. It is you that is passing gently, silently, unnoticed through the rarefied exosphere, dipping into the digital nebula. And then out again. Atmospheric density increases exponentially with depth. The escalation window remains open long enough for the chondritic remnants of your body to touch yourself just where you really like it, before it gets dark again.

A Rare Bird in Estonia is exhibited at the art space Konstanet which functions on two levels: it is made up of an online space and a small scale physical space (6m2 of floor space; 1m in height) located in Tallinn, Estonia. However, the exhibition as a whole is only available online and not open to visitors AFK.

Maximilian Schmoetzer is an artist living and working in Berlin. His work uses a strong narrative component to make sense of our ever more responsive and networked surroundings.

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All images: ‘A Rare Bird in Estonia’ by Maximilian Schmoetzer @Konstanet (2016)
© Maximilian Schmoetzer & Konstanet

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