Maximiliane Baumgartner @ Loggia, München


Actions for a comedic Figure

Voices singing from a distance: “Vanity Fair—they should all hold their tongues…” (It is not clear if there are only one or two parties singing here…and then what is a hypothetical third party doing? One who is just looking—for there is always that one…)

K: Yes, yes, if you please, there is a vanity of form.
P: Come forward…
K: The place allocated to me, that you are giving to us—is not public.
P: Oh no? Vain forms—restricted areas of the public—we bow down.
P: Outside, forces are gathering again at Odeonsplatz, before whom O.M.G. had already spewed forth, and M.-L.F. had engaged in a ruthless self-analysis of their own relationships in Ingolstadt and did not get the main stage in Berlin, but then also didn’t go there again.
P: And not just outside.
K: Spaces of solidarity stand the test of time.
P: Is that so? Scraping at what’s going on… Voices from a distance singing: “Vanity Fair—they should all hold their tongues…”
K: Forty years ago in Munich, a movement of spaces and action began.
P: …You weren’t even born yet!
K: …Within the structures of my personal experience—I can try to locate this.
P: With drooping chubby baby arms, in the hot sun of a prescribed afternoon nap, I was staring at the already faded orange of a patterned curtain of the time.
K: So it seems to me that painting here is a means of discussing this…
P: So you think you could write about it instead?
K: Naw, and I paint… (from Fortune of a paintress)

Maximiliane Baumgartner

Courtesy Loggia, München