Minda Andrén @ Zeller van Almsick, Vienna


With the solo exhibition ‘Cuirass’, Zeller van Almsick is pleased to present new paintings and an installation by Minda Andrén.

The exhibition title ‘Cuirass’ has its origin in the French cuirasse for leather armor (cuir = leather), the definition for armoring of the chest area. Used by the Romans and until the late 19th century, it is nowadays seen only on ceremonial occasions.

While the cuirass was used for defense in close combat and was thus vitally necessary, it is often richly decorated and seen on heroic portraits of high-ranking military personas. The ornaments were very individual and the region and the blacksmith determined its origin. Minda André‘s paintings oscillate between these two opposites: the physicality of a partly existential struggle and the abstract aesthetic in which they are presented.

For her new body of works, Andrén was inspired by ‘nude bubbling’ – a pop cultural practice consisting in partially covering pictures or videos of women and men in swimsuits with bubble patterns, to give the impression that they are naked or having sex. Andrén transports this technique onto her paintings as a pure structural element, which embraces different materialities and functions as a binding element. The repetition, which is already the basis of her work, is reinforced. The bubble matrix is not originally a means of censorship of physicality but, on the contrary, a kind of imaginative stimulus to see more than is actually present and thus for Andrén an abstract instrument of seduction.

Behind this is a great physical commitment, which Andrén dedicates to her paintings – a devotion that takes place between destruction and restoration. The linear plastic structures, which can only be seen on closer inspection, are traces of her fingers, partly of her fingernails. Representing an act of balance between different orders that may appear to be abstract, but which are based on a narrative.

Minda Andrén (born in 1990 in Sweden) lives and works in Vienna and is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts with Daniel Richter.

Andrén has already participated in numerous group exhibitions in art galleries and off-spaces in Austria, Germany and Sweden, among others. At Galerie Bon in Stockholm, Husslehof in Frankfurt am Main and the Parallel Art Fair, Büro Weltausstellung and Mauve in Vienna. With an installation Andrén is present in the group exhibition „Amazing girls / It‘s complicated“ at Kevin Space until June 18.




Photography Julius Unterberger, all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and ZELLER VAN ALMSICK

Minda Andrén
May 23 – July 29, 2017
1010 VIENNA |