Mixed Feelings —an exhibition with Gerald Domenig, Bryony Hussey and Lily Randall


Among all the connections we make, all the models, formulas and systems we use to explain coherences, that allow us to be part of something — is there a mood, or an atmosphere, so profound, so profane, banal, and everyday that enables this way of relating, in the first place?
— and if so, do we share it with others?

And, assuming that this everydayness is more than the walk to the cash machine, is it then not made up of more than just one single and subjective way of relating to the world? Is it not the everyday that opens up a social sphere as a shared atmosphere, mood, or emotion, a situation in which different individuals and things can meet and interact?

Is this mood hidden so well that we only notice it when it is ruptured? How do you realise that you’re in love? Can the everyday only be experienced as a deficient mode?

Searching for this experience is a bit like the tale of the hedgehog and the hare. Because, the everyday is always already there, from the moment we start looking for it, it withdraws from every attempt to define it, isolate it, grasp it.

So, if this mood remains inconceivable as an ‘everydayness’, is it then not the narrative, the image, the re-staging, and the cliché that reveal a periphery at whose edges this relation becomes something felt, something experienced?
— Is this the place where feelings mix?


Installtion view
Lily Randall, Womens playground, 2015, video
Bryony Hussey, Invisible woman, 2016, detail
Lily Randal, It’s like spitting in a river, 2011, video
Installation view
Bryony Hussey, Invisible woman, 2016, detail
Bryony Hussey, Invisible woman, 2016, detail
Installation view
Bryony Hussey, and still, 2016, screenprint on canvas, 125 cm x 135 cm
Gerald Domenig, untitled, 2011, photo
Gerald Domenig, untitled, 1996-2013, photo-series
Installation view
Gerald Domenig, Untitled, 2016
Lily Randall, I am so sick of feeling this way, 2016, video
Bryony Hussey, We are all living in bullyturk, 2016, video
Bryony Hussey, James Hatton, Disturbance patterns, 2016, digital print on fabric, 155 x 160 cm


Photos: Florian Model

Mixed Feelings is hosted and curated by anorak, in collaboration with Palermo Galerie and Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. Taking the form of a dinner, a screening, a conversation and an exhibition, Mixed Feelings is centred around ways of relating to daily experiences as access to a shared social sphere – the everyday as an atmosphere.


Mixed Feelings
—an exhibition with Gerald Domenig, Bryony Hussey and Lily Randall
8th October – 25th October 2016
Palermo Galerie Stuttgart
curated by anorak