My Body Doesn’t Like Summer curated by Stephen Kent


Catherine Biocca, Shannon Bool, Peter Linde Busk, Veronica Brovall, Conny Maier, Paul DD Smith, Mirak Jamal, Josep Maynou, Lindsay Lawson, Agnes Scherer, Camilla Steinum

„In a moment I’ll leave
my body here and vibrate in the air
like a mosquito“

– Niels Hav

Can the mind transcend the still, thick heat while the body remains opposed? Or, as the earth turns its lazy belly towards the sun does the restlessness of the body alchemize into discord of the mind?
Or perhaps seasons simply fail to offer relief from the constant plague of existence. „My Body Doesn’t Like Summer“ surveys artists currently working in Berlin who’s approach to mark making and fguration contains dueling positions.
The works included in the exhibition pit bodily materials against visceral gestures, hinting at the space between body and mind.
The agitated output amongst the artists together melts into a chorus of overheated neurosis, a fever dream in peak season.