Nightshade iii @ Catbox Contemporary, off-site, Brooklyn, NY

Pictures by Philip Hinge

The day is mostly soft and salty, less humid, seasonable temperatures, high of 70. Tonight is clear, a low of 50. Tomorrow the sun is not getting up. Eve scrutinized the weather map, and looked with a premeditated nostalgic gaze at the simplified sun on the bottom corner of the page. The sun was broken in two, its other half was the residue, leftovers of a cloud.

Feeling dizzy, she turned to the astrology section of the paper. The horoscopes from the machine were the most accurate part of the news. She often skipped the first sections of the paper to get to them. Worried about chemistry, she compared her horoscope to that of her prospective lover, a measure to ensure they would match.

Dear Pisces, swallowing starts with moistening and ends with relaxation. Take this advice as you wish, but I propose that in the coming millennia you too start wet and end soft. Look toward the slime. It’s time to collaborate, move more like a mold. Loose your bodily boundaries. You are neon, protoplasmic, wet and wild.

September…Virgo. Monotropa uniflora is an herbaceous perennial plant native to the temperate regions of European Russia, Asia, North America and northern South America. Unlike most plants, it is white, translucent and does not contain chlorophyll. Instead of generating energy from sun-light, it is myco-heterotrophic. It steals its life from the trees. Because it’s not dependent on sunlight to grow, it prospers in dark environments. Let this be a lesson to you, dear Virgo :
Become parasitic, or die.

Colleen Billing & Esther Sibiude