Nile Koetting “Remain Calm” @ Kunstverein Göttingen


The exhibition is on hold for the time being, the time being immanent, indeterminate and heterogenous. Kunstverein Göttingen will be hermetically sealed off from the surpassing disaster. However, as the storm rages on beyond the gallery walls, the rumble of thunder cannot be ignored. Your very presence here has been interpreted as an active step towards enduring together.
The flood is washing away the complacency and near-sightedness of our former present. Within these rooms, a programme of activities attends to the range of emotions and sensations that might arise as a result of the inundation. The attention to atmosphere is directed towards our current weather event; we must remember to enquire after the troposphere. There is no one most distinguished guest here. We all dedicate our bodies to the situation. Engage all senses – of smell, of hearing, of touch, of humour, of responsibility. This might just be a drill, but we hope that it penetrates.
Visitors taking part in an evacuation drill are requested to arrive punctually at the site of the breach. The event to which we will be responding requires the following equipment: a high-visibility vest, a whistle, a smartphone, and a waterproof bag. The Kunstverein facilities will be reduced during the drill, which is expected to last for one hour. It is advised that visitors relieve themselves of all bodily requirements prior to the scheduled alarm. When the sirens come, please: remain calm.

– Text by Miriam Stoney

Sound: Nozomu Matsumoto
Script and text: Miriam Stoney
Video: Yoshihiro Inada
Performed with and by: Djibril Sall, Simone Gisela Weber, Miriam Stoney, Nile Koetting, Avrina Jos, Vreneli Harborth
Performance concepting: Felipe Amaya Gonzalez
Program: Kanai Tomomitsu
Photographer: Marius Land