Pattern Chineso

"the authenticity of fake”

“Nowadays, the true and fake are blended in the uncontrolled urge to consume, which characterizes contemporary reality that goes beyond material.

Can the fake not generate authenticity? Pattern Chineso explores this question through the European cultural impact generated by the massive influx of Chinese population, focusing his interest on this demographic phenomenon.

Pattern Chineso reveals a collection that reconstructs the world of falsification that floods markets competing shamelessly with original brands; offering low quality products with its own identity.
A collection that aim to simulate the methods of systematic reproduction of the Asian giant, and giving life to a project that emphasizes the beauty the fake and extracts the authenticity of what lies behind the forgeries, as a category of contemporary consumption.”




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Photo: Nacho G Riaza
Art Direction: Carlos Arroyo Galaxia
Clothes: Pattern Chineso
Website design and Identity: Errorestudio