Performance Studio FUD: But when the night came, the grief changed in joy


1. Exhibition of Performance Studio of the Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí n / L. originally intended to focus on connection of performative techniques and the creation of „material“ artefacts. The exhibition should present objects, installations and photographs (but not of a documentary character) that would be created on the basis of physical activities in a particular space.
2. The exhibition was eventually created on thebasis of a ground plan of the children’s board game „From Fairy Tales to Fairy Tales“. But it was primarily used as a tool and a guideline for installing and distributing individual works, not as a mutual topic of the exhibition. Even though several works have been created specifically for this occasion on the basis of the game, and several other works have been created in this place in relation to this space, we did not want to be guided by outside rules. Everyone could contribute with everything he/she is personally interested right now, regardless of the choice of the others. So the exhibition is actually a show of individual, independent works, only minimally curated. The exhibition represents the activity of students of this studio in its entire range.
Curators: Jiří Kovanda, Ivana Zochová
Exhibited artists: Karíma Al-Mukhtarová, Maxmilián Berdych, Bára Čápová, Otýlie Diatková, Berta Holoubková, Anna Elizabeth Chládková, Stanislava Karbušická, Jiří Kovanda, Gabriela Kronďáková, Krůtí směs R.I.P., Aneta Kučeříková, Josef Málek, Eva Myroniuková, Markéta Nešporová, Karolína Pajerová, Jiří Pitrmuc, Kristýna Pozlerová, Robin Seidl, Marie Scheerbaumová, Veronika Schmidtová, Josef Schorm, Tereza Šimková, Nela Ungerová, Lucía Vasiĺová, Klára Vlachová, Adéla Waldhauserová, Anna Zemanová, Ivana Zochová, Kristýna Žižková.