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Today we introduce another intriguing figure of Luxembourgs art scene that actually just got started in her Directors position for the famous MUDAM: Bettina Steinbrügge. This woman is surely one to remember as she is known for her progressive ideas embracing art related approaches as well as topics like sustainability and ecology. Following Suzanne Cotter in this position since the beginning of 2022, Bettina Steinbrügge aims to make the MUDAM a place not only to observe art, but to shape collective visions for the future within an alliance of aesthetics and innovation. Besides the fact, that Bettina Steinbrügge is a very welcoming and dedicated person, her profound experience as the previous Director at Hamburger Kunstverein, Senior Curator and Head of the Contemporary Collection at the Belvedere in Vienna makes her the perfect match for a house like MUDAM that is reaching out for a bright future on the international art parquet. What Bettina Steinbrügge has in mind for the MUDAM, she explained after meeting her on site at her remarkable institution.

CH Bettina, what do you have in mind for the MUDAM, what is your overall vision?

BS Embracing the museum for what it is: a collection building threads to realities within and outside Luxembourg, a soil that calls for sustainable growth, an architecture that can be activated through the diversity of its guests.

CH How would you describe the dedication and passion that drives you?

BS A neverending curiosity drives me to be open arms to the arts of today and the change artists thrive for.

CH Are there particular obstacles for you to overcome when thinking of the future vision for your house?

BS I wouldn't call obstacles what everyone else expects museum directors to be: Changing the old for the new, the need of convincing people that reforms are necessary. Those transformations always occur, and I am taking the time to do this together with my colleagues. Many work at Mudam from the very beginning, many start anew with me to enter this journey, and the challenge for us is to build a common ground for ourselves and others, inside and around the museum.

CH What shows in 2023 are you especially excited for?

BS All of them! The openings of Peter Halley and Michel Majerus will create dialogues between images that will surprise us, while the collection arises again with Tourmaline's new work and the curatorial companion with Shirana Shahbazi and Tirdad Zolghadr. And how to forget the performative interventions of Ligia Lewis, Ari Benjamin Meyers and all that will happen within the Performance Seasons Joel Valabrega and Clementine Proby are plotting? The year will end with an exhibition of Rayyane Tabet, and I am also dreaming of 2024/25, with hopefully Eleanor Antin, Christine Sun-Kim, Agnieszka Kurant or Ho Tzu Nyen. Excitement, just as curiosity, keeps this place alive.

For upcoming exhibitions and events at MUDAM check out the website https://www.mudam.com/de/ Ps: if you're lucky to visit the MUDAM, do not forget to have a delicious snack in the beautiful vegan café downstairs!