KUBAPARIS ATELIER presents artists and their ateliers from all over the globe.This time you will get a glimpse into the world of Artist/ Director Enes Güç.

Age: 31

Education: I studied traditional painting in highschool. Luckily there are few fine art highschools in Turkey. Later on I had a change of heart and decided to study 2D/3D Animation / Film in university despite all the forces in my life pushing me to go with painting. But I wanted to explore something different and at that time no one knew what animation was, which made it more attractive to me. While learning to build my words in a digital space I’ve been also experimenting with film to be able to connect to the realities outside. Which then opened the doors to VFX.

Current Location: Berlin

A work of yours that you particularly like and why?
“The Tales” CGI painting series is quite dear to me since this was the first intersection of different sides of myself that I’ve put together. But still there are many to bring in the picture so I hope it will be the next ones. Recently I’ve directed a music video which felt more satisfying because I could channel more sides of myself into it. Plus working with a crew on location etc is something that I miss quite often since with CGI i spend a lot of “alone” time.

What makes something worth making?
I feel like I have proven to myself that I can create anything I put my mind to physically or digitally. So capability does not drive me as it used to anymore.
Release and growth are very important to me. If something will challenge my perspective or reveal another side of me, I’m into it. What also drives me is to create things that are hard to distinguish how they are made and they stand on their own feet. I believe it gives a stronger voice to the message.

From which artist would you like to own a work?
Honestly nothing comes to my mind. Ownership is a tricky subject. Recently I’m quite into a piece from Orson Oxo Van Beek.

Which art movement has inspired you the most so far?
I’m deeply affected by many art movements since I’m coming from a classical art education but I would never want to belong to a specific time or genre. Timelessness drives me the most. But if I have to name a few from the past, Art Nouveau, Surrealism, Brutalism, Romanticism and generally fantasy/sci-fi and everything Gothic. From recent times, Middle Ages Modern would be a fair pick. Normally I would have liked to mix them all and create something unique, but nowadays I’m trying to move away from what has been done. I want to challenge the future but not only by reflecting the past. Although that helps as well.

Website: www.enesguc.com
Instagram: @enesguc
Photography Credit: Evelyn Bencicova
Courtesy: Enes Güç
© 2023 Enes Güç

Tale Of Letting Go
Tale Of Letting Go
Tale of All Victories
Tale of All Victories

Enes Güç in collaboration with HE.SHE.THEY family
CGI Painting by @enesguc
CGI Assistance @parallax.decal
Commissioned by @beatport
Agency @define_creative
Agency Producer Matthias David Klein
Choreography by @magnuswestwell
3D Scanning by @universityofeastlondon, Paul Nichols
3D Scanning Technician Emerald Sky Henley
Studio Assistance Daniel/Nunzio

Guest Artists:
Peaches Makeup @thesirenface @spankedsiren
Peaches 3D scanning by @mimic_productions





Courtesy: beatport.io and HE.SHE.THEY

Enes Güç in collaboration with Louis Jack & Jack Scot

Tondal’s Vision, The Valley of the Exhausted and Perspiring:
Enes Güç in collaboration with Jak Scott and @louisjack___
Choreography @magnuswestwell
Costume @agf_hydra
Dancers @oscarjinghuli @kibreacarmichael @maxcookward
Music @ivvvop
Scanning @patrick_thorn_co
Project Curator @chardonnie
Rendering @foxrenderfarm
Made with funding from @aceagrams