KUBAPARIS ATELIER by Ariana Krieger presents artists and their ateliers from all over the globe. This time you will get a glimpse into the world of sculptor and painter Yein Lee.

Age: 34
Education: Prof. Julian Göthe at Academy of Fine Art Vienna, Hongik University in Seoul
Current location: Vienna

A work of yours that you particularly like and why?
I would say the latest piece that I showed at Loggia, “Devouring Chaos - growth of reconstructed time, overflowing bodies, and static electricity”. The openness of it, poetic gesture remind me why I started on my subject-matter again.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Investigating endless possibilities of forms. Getting lost in this exploration

What makes something worth making?
The moment of “This worked”. I can only say “It was worth making” after finishing the work. Especially when I feel like I have to get to know the one I made.

From which artist would you like to own a work?
Defiantly a sculpture piece from Lee Bontecou.

Which art movement has inspired you the most so far?
I have been interested around somewhere between abstract expressionism and surrealism.

Website: www.yeinlee.com
Instagram: @yeinplee
Photography credit @luca.celine