KUBAPARIS ATELIER presents artists and their ateliers from all over the globe. This time you will get a glimpse into the world of ceramist Naomi Gilon.

Age: 27y

Education: Graduate of the painting department of ENSAV La Cambre Bruxelles.

Current location: Brussels

A work of yours that you particularly like and why? If I had to make a choice, I would say my porcelain body sculptures like "My Protector" presented last year in the Candy Snake gallery in Milan. A large part of my current work is to reflect on the interaction between the artwork and the body. I try to create pieces that feel like an extension of ourselves. And where I assume the risk of these fragile objects. In addition, there is a certain technical challenge which is exciting in this type of project. The way of working ceramics is less conventional.

What is your favorite part of your job? The modeling part. As I work in a very instinctive way, without drawings or visual support, it is a way of exteriorizing what is going on in my head through each of my pieces. They represent both my questions but also my moods or my dreams. My realizations are very
sentimental. I also find that it’s the most meditative stage, we spend long hours alone together with the materialization of our thoughts.

What makes something worth making? I have a notebook where I write down all my ideas. It’s daily and spontaneous. This allows me to be able, from time to time, to do proofreading in order to improve my notes or simply to cross them out. Sometimes I have ideas that drag on for a year or two on a sheet of paper before realizing them. Sometimes it's a question of finding the right opportunity to do them. As ceramics is not a very ecological medium, I think it is important to carefully select your ideas and give them a purpose, a utility. I think it's a very present issue in my way of thinking.

From which artist would you like to own a work? Too many things that I love! But recently I discovered Shuo Hao's paintings which I find wonderful.

Which art movement has inspired you the most so far? Art Nouveau

Website: www.naomigilon.com
Instagram: @naomigilon
Photography credit: Delphine Schockert @dedsch