Pressure, Release? Curated by Alexandra-Maria Toth

Hannah Jean Boone/ Karoline Dausien/Max Kolten/ Thilo Jenssen/ Vanessa Schmidt /Kjeld Undseth/ Keith J. Varadi/ Edin Zenun

Pressure, Release?

Perpetually finding snow gear
in this arid domestic desert,
I want to slide and grind past
conversations down mounds.

I drink coffee like it’s water,
but I don’t really “do” coffee.

I guess you need to “do” things
in order to get ahead in life.

Never had the desire to justify
just getting by, but goddamn it,
I’m so fed up with scheduling.

– Keith J. Varadi, Professionalism, 2018

Curated by
Alexandra-Maria Toth

This exhibition is accompanied by RENDL SWIMWEAR

List of Works:
Hannah Jean Boone
Hugging Dish Wall Sculpture, 2018
Plaster, airbrush paint, paint pen

Thilo Jenssen
1. The chain smoker, 2018
Spray paint, clear coat on cavas

2. weird hands (smoking gestures), 2019
polyurethane, metal, aluminium and spray paint

Vanessa Schmidt
1. Barely holding it together #1, 2019
Silkscreen on textile, leather, wool, metal

2. Barely holding it together #2, 2019
Silkscreen on textile, wool, metal

Edin Zenun
1. Untitled, 2019
Oil, clay pigment, oil pastels, canvas

2. Untitled, 2019
Oil, oil pastels, canvas

Karoline Dausien
1. Sol I (hanging sculpture), 2019
Ceramic, glaze

2. Sol II (hanging sculpture), 2019
Ceramic, glaze

3. Sol III, 2019
Pleather, foam, yarn

Keith J. Varadi
Professionalism, 2018
Poem printed on Hotel Sacher stationiery, framed

Kjeld Undseth
1. Nøkken, 2019
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

2. Untitled, 2019
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Max Kolten
Anxiety and Emancipation IV, 2019
Ink on paper