REMEMBERING IN FORM curated by Adela Demetja


Remembering in Form is a group exhibition bringing together six international positions, combining the works of Grösch / Metzger and George Steinmann, artists represented by Gallery Heike Strelow in dialogue with four invited artists Ksenija Jovišević, Ilir Lluka, Damir Očko and Simon Speiser. This exhibition is to be understood as continuation of the last year’s exhibition TITLED curated as well by Adela Demetja, outlining the political nature of aesthetical representation.

Remembering in Form assembles works in photography, installation, sculpture, video, sound and works on paper. The selected works propose different strategies of apprehending aesthetic representation and form as holder of knowledge and meaning. The transfer of experiences and thoughts in form enables the artists to remember, record as well as to communicate with the viewer through the artwork itself. Remembering in Form develops around the concepts of being and appearing, revealing and concealing, forgetting and remembering, proposing an interplay with manifestations in time and space in the context of the exhibition space.


Wiebke Grösch & Frank Metzger, Untitled, 2011/12, Tinted glass sheets, concrete, metal chain (left). Ksenija Jovišević, Distraction, 2016, C-print, 165 x 110 cm (right)
Wiebke Grösch & Frank Metzger, Untitled, 2011/12, Tinted glass sheets, concrete, metal chain
Ilir Lluka, Memories of a Dreamwalker, 2015. Sound and video installation, 18´28´´
Installation view, Gallery Heike Strelow, George Steinmann (right) and Simon Speiser (left)
George Steinmann, Mindmaps, 2014, Blueberry juice, brambleberry juice, antiseptic liquide, tempera, ballpoint pen on paper, 21 x 29,7 cm
Simon Speiser, Inside the Lacuna, 2015, Sublimation print on fabric, gimbal, epoxy resin, glass fiber, 3D camera, text
Installation view, Gallery Heike Strelow, Simon Speiser, Wiebke Grösch & Frank Metzger, Ksenija Jovišević, Ilir Lluka
Installation view, Gallery Heike Strelow, Damir Očko (right), Wiebke Grösch & Frank Metzger (middle), Simon Speiser (left)
Damir Očko, Spring, 2012, 4k transferred to full HD video, 19`58“, sound, colour

Photos: © Eni Derhemi

Galerie Heike Strelow Frankfurt/Main
Wiebke Grösch & Frank Metzger / Ksenija Jovišević / Ilir Lluka /
Damir Očko / Simon Speiser / George Steinmann
Curated by Adela Demetja
9. July – 19. August 2016