Running Away by Fiona Mackay and Manuela Gernedel @ New Jörg, Wien


Fiona Mackay and Manuela Gernedel
Running Away

So in through the entrance cutting the corner of Jägerstraße
and Pappenheimgasse, you might see a black dick, or a purple
something that has a whiff of rhino, this all depends on your
height (or your mind). Two steps in and you literally have to
click the neck back because there is nothing on the walls below
284cm, (lazy bitches). Past this golden line, is a troupe of 7
fillies, cantering around the maximum wall height, in various
states and flavours. Two less and we could have the equestrian
version of the Spice Girls. Its too bad that the angles of the
room get in the way, because some of these creatures could be
real hotties – flowing hair, flashing eyes; shoved in corners
where features distort and stomachs sag. What a pity. But you
get the idea that this band is going somewhere, circling close
to heaven (regardless of a few heads or legs being lacerated by
the windows to the outside – clouds, trees and terrace
housing). The pace seems to stop at the gate of a room guarded
by a brown and black stallion. Stiff and austere (a bit
realistic), hes got one of those eyes that follows you. Yeah
you. Peeking between his legs, this second room appears to be
empty except for a door, a door that is slightly open leading
to something of a fantasy. A puffy dream. Upon reaching the
handle, you realise that this pure illusion, a door made from
the head, a trick of the eye. Left with no where to go, you
have to turn back, past the leaping pink hooves, with her eyes
closed, consumed by her own dream. Lets call her the chocolate
horse. Blissfully unaware of her friends on the right;
seemingly marred and agitated, decapitated, kicking gold dust,
trying to get out as fast as they can.

Text: Fiona Mackay and Manuela Gernedel
Photo: Peter Mochi
New Jörg, Wien