SENSITIVE SPEED BEAST by Leon Höllhumer at MILIEU in Berne, Switzerland


and from the beehives they rise, these lackeys of the future, nimbly they rise out of the latticework, out of the knots of time and worm holes, they rise from a time after time in which legions of accessories populate the posthistorical horizons. and through their mouths, the aiders and abetters speak, rustling more than speaking, their mouths utter: something is changing here. that there; a change in the way things are is afoot, an event in itself. that the quality of change, it evolves everywhere inside the objects, that the quality of the change cannot be perceived for a long time. because we know too little about the inner life of all things. that such an object, morphed into one, is more then than the sum of its materials, than the substances from which it, the object, is put together. that one has begun to piece together from the wreckage. that these objects could lead to other ways of acting, could offer us a new handle on reality. that whosoever touches them, these objects, she will not remain herself untouched.

– Ferdinand Schmalz




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Leon Höllhumer
SENSITIVE SPEED BEAST 19.08.2017  —16.09.2017
Münstergasse 6
PO Box 536
3000 Bern 8