Simon Buckley, Othmar Farré, Andreas Kalbermatter

as you were, as we are @ SPREEZ, München

SPREEZ is pleased to announce ‘as you were, as we are’, an exhibition by Simon Buckley, Othmar Farré and Andreas Kalbermatter. The exhibition will run from 12/12/15 – 12/01/16.

For the exhibition, Buckley and Farré present a series of new collaborative sculptural works. Each work depicts a forlorn male figure being consoled by a female counterpart. They are in a bedroom, in undergarments. The suggestion is that the male has not been able to perform. In contrast to the intimacy of the private scenes depicted, the photographs themselves have the appearance of stock images – generic, authorless, impersonal and flat. The artists have in actual fact painstakingly recreated the stock images; the impotent male protagonists being played by Buckley and Farré themselves. The scenes have been printed 1×1 onto cardboard cut outs of classical Greek sculptures and placed irreverently around the gallery space, sometimes standing alone and sometimes huddling together.

Farré and Kalbermatter’s collaborative ‘human error’ installation is made up of a collection of Greek and European currency. The coins have been somehow flattened – crushed by an unknown force, both substantial and precise. They lie scattered at the feet of the cardboard sculptures, appearing as elementally mute as their monumental counterparts.

SPREEZ is an artist run space founded in Munich in 2014. Currently it is organized by Stefan Fuchs, Simon Lässig, Philipp Reitsam and Yves-Michele Saß. The annual program is supported by the City of Munich department for culture and arts.


installation view
installation view
Simon Buckley, Othmar Farré, Diomedes, digital print on cardboard (105x40cm), 2015
Simon Buckley, Othmar Farré, Der Diskuswerfer des Myron I, digital print on cardboard (157x104cm), 2015
installation view
Simon Buckley, Othmar Farré, Pankratiasten im Bodenkamf, digital print on cardboard (93x113cm), 2015
Othmer Farré, Andreas Kalbermatter, human error, flattened Greek euro coins, 2015
installation view

Images copyright and courtesy of the artists and SPREEZ, Munich
Photographer: Anna Dietz