Solo exhibition by Dominika Olszowy @ Arsenał Gallery Białystok, curated by Tomek Pawłowski

Dominika Olszowy

Happy End

Happy End is a monographic presentation of works by Dominika Olszowy, an artist operating in a field of visual arts meeting the theatre and performance art. The exhibition shows a selection of older works focusing on such themes as existential crisis and resulting anxieties, as well as new realisations, wherein the artist explores the precarious condition and health. Exhibition space has been divided into three symbolic areas respectively reinterpreted as a waiting room, treatment room, and cemetery. The energy and emotional aura of each of these locations has been conveyed in the way space and individual rooms have been arranged. The artist herself refers to the method as Interioring. Using scenography techniques and inexpensive décor items, she draws from the peripheral aesthetics of post-transformational housing trends blending in with symbols and motives present throughout her oeuvre, such as leather furniture, sludge, and coffee.
Interioring also involves the practice of introspection, another strong presence across the artist’s oeuvre. While Olszowy frequently references personal experience in her works, she converts it into universal comments on human condition and time, steeped in subtle humour. She approaches interiors inhabited by idiosyncratic weaknesses, anxieties, stories, and emotional states as an area of dabbling in grotesque fantasy, a theatre of the absurd, wherein the colourful world of imagination and joyous creation meets the obstacles of reality.

Tomek Pawłowski