sub rosa by Julian-Jakob Kneer


Here is a hole that’s more absence than presence; here’s our most holy vessel of psychosexual delusion and social precept. Here’s a thing that’s not object but abject, target of both disgust and desire: a place so sacredly obscene, so repulsively sexy, its name constitutes a slur in itself, and its integrity is still protected by the laws of the lands. This is the partition that separates our esoteric inside from the matter around, and perhaps the most unfair reminder of our crude biology. This is the most intimate and delicate part of our breathing body, shrouded in libidinous fantasy.
In old times, they politely called it fundament: the grounding of life and death and lust, the ultimate offender.

Here is an attempt to defuse this fundamental offense. As private fetish invades public life, sub rosa blurs the demarcations between hobby handiwork and professionalized creativity. The self-important neuroticism of conceptual art is dissolved into the accessible artistry of crafting; the figments of our public disgust and secret desire are knotted from the same rough yarn. And are crafts not the fundament of Fine Arts, equally despised and romanticized? Have they not been subject to taboo and fetish, banned to the constraints of the home? Are they not an effort to fill a gaping absence?

Between home and hole, between soft and porn, between death and DIY, blooms a delicate flower. And here, under the rose, lies a way inside you, inside all of us. And here, under the rose, we can see: an empty body is filled by the mind alone.

Text by Nele Ruckelshausen





All photos by Fritz Schiffers, courtesy of the artist and 1.1
All pieces: wool on padding

Julian-Jakob Kneer (*1992 in Basel, CH) lives and works in Berlin.
Recent shows include Ushirode at Geddert Hronjec Collection in Berlin (solo performance, 2017); GTdaHÖ at Ambassador****** in Vienna (group show, curated by Kneer, 2017); Webresidency 5: rule#34 @www.oslo10.ch (solo in collaboration with Blue Stork, 2017); NRotS at Future Suburban Contemporary in Copenhagen (group show, 2017); International blood drinker at Gärtnergasse in Vienna (duo show with Clémence de La Tour du Pin, 2016).
Upcoming projects include a collaboration with Gruppe in Berlin; Crib 2 (group show, curated by Yves Scherer) at Galerie 95 in Biel; a solo show at BIKINI in Basel; a show at Room E-10 27 @Center in Berlin.

Julian-Jakob Kneer – sub rosa
19.8. – 3.9.17
Reinacherstrasse 105
4053 Basel