Soshiro Matsubara – Engagement, Tolerance and Hospitality

All images courtesy of Croy Nielsen
Photos by: KunstDokumentation.com

Dear Friends,
In the beginning of spring this year, my wife Kazuna found an old antique shop in Vienna.
I heard about it from her and I visited the shop.
The inside of the store is chaos, it smells a little mold,
There were lots of things. are not organized, too many, so customers can only get in the middle of the store.
A shop-owner in the back of the store, and I asked him to show me drawing and painting. He showed me some amazing drawings.
But I asked about more special. Then shop owner showed me the drawing that had fallen on the floor between the mountain and the mountain. It was damp.
I was convinced as soon as they were wonderful. The scenes of the SM were the motif of drawing. They are over 50 pieces. The condition was not good,I could check some damage and mold.
I asked shop-owner the price. It was expensive for me, I negotiated but eventually
I could not buy them.
A week later, I could not forget about drawing yet. I wrote a letter to shop-owner about how to like them and about that drawing that I want to give away a bit cheaper. He accepted my price and I got them.
I brought them back to the studio, cleaned up, I repaired broken paper with a iron and did fixative.
One day, I showed their drawing to my friend C. He gave me advice.
That is to make something that refers to those drawings.
That give them valuable as original.I liked that idea.
Specifically, his advice was the idea of making a stage or stage costume or sculpture based on those drawings.
I thought it was difficult to make stage costumes, and I chose to make sculptures refers to those drawings.
By whom, when and for what did these have been made? Please, let me know if you know something. soshiro.matsubara@gmail.com
I really want to know about them.

Warmly Soshiro

Olga Pedan / Soshiro Matsubara