from somewhere else #1

Project Info

  • 馃挋 Cukry Praga, Warsaw @cukrypraga
  • 馃挌 Turnus @turnusik and Joanna Klikowicz, Marika Gorczy艅ska, Bartosz Korszun, Mateusz Pipczy艅ski, Micha艂 呕y艂owski, Wojtek Grum, Klaudia Figura, Patryk Powierza
  • 馃枻 Groupshow
  • 馃挏 Turnus @turnusik
  • 馃挍 Marcelina Gorczy艅ska @marcynia

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from somewhere else, it鈥檚 a traveling exhibition and online archive of insights about places of origin.
The works about hometowns and villages selected during the open call went on a journey across Poland in the form of an exhibition. In addition, an online archive of the project was created by Ola Rubik @sckvbz and Janka Uryga @uryga. The Internet archive is still open to new stories, and our dream is to fill the map of Poland with as many dots as possible. If you feel like hosting our exhibition outside Poland as well, please email us <3
Turnus @turnusik