Nadia Hauri & Una Szeemann @haurinadia @unaszeemann

Tangible Dreaming

Project Info

  • 💙 Toxi
  • 💚 Nemo Bleuer @_orrrg
  • đŸ–€ Nadia Hauri & Una Szeemann @haurinadia @unaszeemann
  • 💜 Kristin BrĂŒggemann @kristinbrueggemann
  • 💛 Nico Sebastian Meyer @nicosebastianmeyer

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In the duo exhibition "Tangible Dreaming," on view at Toxi from November 4 to 24, Una Szeemann and Nadia Hauri explore the subject of dreaming through a shared perspective. Being exhibited together for the first time, the two artists are primarily interested in exploring the complex relationship of the body and mind during the process of dreaming. Through sculptural and installation works created especially for the exhibition, they address questions of corporeal perception and transformation of the dreaming body. Una Szeemann's works explore the disruption of the duality of body and mind in relation to folkloric fertility rites and symbols. Nadia Hauri is primarily interested in the psychological and physical experiences of the dreaming body, which she explores in her sculptures. In the work of both artists, dreams appear as fragmentary, processual, yet in their material form they become tangible as works of art, and through their interplay in space, their reciprocity opens up new references to the theme.
Kristin BrĂŒggemann @kristinbrueggemann