Des Nachbars Garten Äpfel

Project Info

  • 💙 Villa Heike Berlin
  • 💚 Oscar Mateo Grunert, Paul Hahnenfeld
  • 🖤 Groupshow
  • 💜 Livia Avianus, Oscar Mateo Grunert, Paul Hahnenfeld
  • 💛 Hanna Besenhard, Ludovico Scalmani

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With this exhibition we wanted to focus on the question, if the direct art microcosmos that surrounds us gets bigger or smaller through the networking opportunities and the resulting forms of presentation and accessibility of those. Do the artworks get more similar aesthetically in spite of geographical distance? is it because we can see what everyone is doing from everywhere at any time and all of us follow the same Instagram profiles, galleries, magazines etc.? Or can single positions still set the trend of an aesthetic? Do virtual networks even have the ability to influence the artistic practice in comparison to the physical experience which is not accessible everywhere 24/7? Or are these circumstances creating new spaces for art which lead to new types of artistic practices. We use the possibilities of these virtual networks to connect with artists from another city and try to let our works discuss our questions. It is not our aim to find a clear answer which probably does not exist. We rather try to collectively observe and identify approaches.
Livia Avianus, Oscar Mateo Grunert, Paul Hahnenfeld