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The Man Who Ran Out Of The Image And Vanished
"He had two eyes and his gaze focused on us, then turned elsewhere, watching. Apart from the eyes, there were five other orifices, although not all of them simultaneously visible, on the so-called 鈥瀐ead鈥, which was more or less spherical. Two orifices were situated side by side at the end of a projection called 鈥瀗ose鈥, and there was a sizeable gap right underneath. The remaining two were at both ends of a middle axis, in the centre of a shell-shaped excrescence. The head rested on a big lump which had four branches 鈥 something like tree roots 鈥 and these branches forked into five twigs each. Sometimes, the lump was depicted naked, other times it was covered with all sorts of colourful sizzling. For a while, he appeared against a golden background, later replaced by landscapes, skies and, finally, by inanimate stuff and fragments impossible to invest with any meaning. Based on what we know today, it seems pretty evident that 鈭 probably well into the Anthropocene period 鈭 post-human fantasies started to superabound. Maybe this explains why focus shifted to the ancestors of our flora, which sometimes remained encapsulated in themselves, while at other times, as if evoking his gestures, entered in contact with each other. Important but yet undeciphered findings are the mirage - haunted formations that seem to work up and classify his memories. Simultaneously he himself 鈥 in so far as he was still to be found anywhere 鈥 underwent an ever bigger morphological transformation. As a result of which, he was less and less like himself as depicted in the heroic period. His shape and his movements were reminiscent mainly of the ancestors of animals we know today. At this stage, everything points to him probably getting just too sick of his own appearance. So man stood up on his feet 鈥 that were almost like waves 鈥 and ran out of the image and vanished." P脷DER is a collective yearly exhibition, with Attila Bagi, Adrienn D茅r, M贸nika K谩r谩ndi and Luca S谩ra R贸zsa as artists, this being their fifth event. It all started four years ago with a guerrilla action in Bart贸k1 Gal茅ria, where their exhibition could be seen for only one night. They uninstalled the 鈥瀘fficial鈥 exhibition which was on in the gallery, installed their own one for the night and in the morning replaced the original exhibits. At the time the four artists had been working together for years, respecting each other as friends as well as art partners. At the time finding themselves less successful within the traditional framework, the intention was to allow themselves to be seen, if only in this alternative way, for one single night. Since then they have travelled quite a bit along the road, the most thrilling part of it being the new and different possibilities that different spaces offer. In 2019, they exhibited in K11, in 2020, in Vajda Lajos St煤di贸, Szentendre, and in 2021, in the Torula art space, Gy艖r.
Luca S谩ra R贸zsa