Qeu Meparishvili

Quiet! someone is singing on a mountain...

Project Info

  • 💙 Artareagallery
  • 🖤 Qeu Meparishvili
  • 💜 Dato Koroshinadze
  • 💛 George Kolbaia

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Qeu Meparishvili’s show “Quiet! someone is singing on a mountain...”, presents a multi-layered narrative that spreads across a small collection of mostly clay works and found objects. The theme of the show spirals from personal memories about her grandmother to mythology and social aesthetics - the female figure doubled within the vision of an ancestor and the archaic image of a woman. The same ambiguity applies to the materials as if the diversity of the narrative provokes the artist to use different methods such as clay molding and embossing techniques, used to decorate frames of old Christian icons. One wonders how these controversies taken from the profane and sacred spheres can still function together. And not only that but examined carefully the viewer finds out that behind the sculptures there is a sort of symbolic dimension, that describes the domination principle among the street dogs. As the last exhibition of the contemporary art festival “Fest I Nova”, the show can be considered a culmination of the concept, that is uncovering pure forms beyond social aesthetics. In the exhibition, we see the concept from a wide angle: as the memories evolve through everyday urban encounters, grounded with familiar forms they still possess the archaic aura exposed through the altered formations.
Dato Koroshinadze