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  • 💙 TIM Arte Contemporáneo
  • 🖤 "Groupshow"
  • 💜 TIM Arte Contemporáneo @tim_arte_contemporaneo
  • 💛 Felipe Ugalde @fugalde

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BLIND LEMON brings together the work of artists Javkhlan Ariunbold @javkhlan_ariunbold (Mongolia), Jörg Kratz @joergkratz (Germany), Dominique Bradbury @dominiquebradbury (Chile) and Benjamín Edwards @benjamin.edwards.n (Chile). Taken from a Jack Kerouac haiku poem, the title of the exhibition suggests the four painters’ approach to the medium of painting, which, as in the tradition of haiku poetry, aims to be brief, intimate yet expansive. The idea of the haiku, moreover, acts as a reference for the overall exhibition display: a confrontation and relation of small groups of paintings, rhythmic sequences that propose and create an atmosphere or, if possible, a third or fourth image — one that is generated in the mind of the spectator and stimulated by the interactions of these relations. Therefore, the show is conceived as a compilation of several potential visual haikus interplaying formal and conceptual elements of each work.
TIM Arte Contemporáneo @tim_arte_contemporaneo