Clément Davout

Le détail du monde

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  • 💜 Jérémy Liron
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"(...) Since the end of 2018 - beginning of 2019, Clément Davout has been effectively painting plant silhouettes - branches, leaves, palms - captured in a vaporous backlight, drawn by the light, and surrounded by a frame treated in solid or gradient in the same chromatic dominant, or in a complementary hue. One could believe in an inventory, in the manner of herbariums, in a silent and attentive dialogue of the artist with the plants which would populate his studio, (...) It could be a question of a moment, as our sensitivity sometimes lingers on a light or a luminosity of which one seeks in various occasions to find the particular savor, diluted in the memory like in a dream (…)." Extract from the text "Clément Davout : Les fenêtres équivoques ou Le détail du monde" written on the occasion of the exhibition and published at 250 copies in book form.
Jérémy Liron